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Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Like you, I know exactly how it feels to pour blood, sweat and tears into a building a list, only to have next to no sales when I launched a product.

I know how it feels to send out an email to a list to only have under 2% open my email.

Even when you follow the correct process, there are still things that can stand between you and success.

I spent months scouring the internet for information. I invested in so many different courses, some very expensive, each one with hours of videos or audio, or hundreds of pages to consume (I don’t even want to think of the $$$’s I spent!)

However, none of them gave me a real, solid plan-of-action.

After 12 months of hard work, I had amassed a list of over 9000 subscribers. 

When the time came for me to promote a product, guess how many bought? 

One! Yes…..one. An affiliate product costing $27 where I got paid $20.75 in commission. Hardly Earth shattering!

To my dismay I learnt that, just because you have subscribers does not mean that they are willing to become buyers.

I have followed so many ‘gurus’ who all promised me I would make $1 / $2 / $4 etc for each subscriber.

I only found out later that many of these ‘gurus’ are just wannabe’s. They have no personal experience in email marketing. They are simply talking the talk, not walking the walk!

Yet I knew there were people who were building lists full of eager buyers.

I knew I HAD to find a solution

It was then that I had a brainwave. I would go straight to the horse’s mouth…..

What If I Contacted Genuinely Successful Online Marketers And Asked Them To Tell Me Their Secrets?

I set about finding these entrepreneurs. Not all wanted to divulge their secrets.

Many marketers want you to struggle as they don’t see why you should get a ‘shortcut’ when they themselves had to go down the path of hard knocks.

But somehow I managed to find 9 hugely successful pro-marketers who were willing to tell me EXACTLY how they go about making at least 6 figures a year

Marketers who don’t mind giving you the shortcut to tactics that took them YEARS to learn.

Marketers who have the rare ability to make cash-in-the-bank sales at will almost every time they send out an email to their list.

And the RESULT of this is……

6 Figure List Hacks

​36 Fast List Building and Cash Generating Hacks………..Even With A Tiny List


​6 Figure List Launch Action Plan

​No List? No Problem! The ONLY 3 List Building Tactics You Need To Create A Buyers List

  • Build a BUYERS list using techniques that have been responsible for making millions online. Learn the only 3 list building tactics our 6 figure marketers would use in today’s world to build a list of buyers, NOT freebie seekers – simply deploy these tactics ‘out of the box’.
  • How much is it going to cost me? 1 paid method (I show you how to do it on a shoe-string budget) + 2 free methods – each one builds a BUYERS list  You DON’T need a big marketing budget
  • This is NOTHING to do with article marketing (old fashioned), YouTube (too hit and miss), SEO (far too slow!) etc
  • Save all the time and hassle needed to build a huge database / list. Our successful marketers make over $100,000 with surprisingly small lists that are quick and easy to build
  • Benefit immediately from the best techniques our 6 figure marketers have mastered from a combined 3000+ emails and over 30 years experience, so you too can have hungry subscribers, eager to buy anything you promote, again and again
  • Stop working so hard, chasing every single ‘tactic’ and trying lots of different, conflicting strategies. Cut out all the guesswork. Let our 9 pro marketers lead you, hand in hand, and explain every hack, secret and technique, ready for you to copy and profit from their hard work. Work less but make more money. 
  • Start seeing results within days! You don’t need previous experience, and you also don’t need to spend money on fancy tools, equipment or software either. Stop wasting time and money on tactics that don’t deliver.
  • This is NOT information you can find just surfing the web. This is a step-by-step report created from advice from 9 of the best online marketers who are making money right now using these same tactics.

All You Need To Do Is Follow This Simple Paint-By-Numbers Formula 

This double report package WILL help you turns things around

Let me be blunt. Here’s what you don’t have right now:

  • You don’t know if the list you are building is full of actual buyers not time wasters
  • You don’t have a list that eagerly opens every single one of your emails
  • You don’t know how to write emails that turn subscribers into buyers
  • You don’t have a list that buys from you again and again

If you had all of the above……then you would finally start making some decent money online.

Ultimately, right now you don’t have a real plan of action or a formula for success.

Here’s the good news……………you CAN have a proven plan of action…..

And easily too!

WORTH $27 >>> Read Sales Page
|FIle Size: 16MB| Download Link 

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