Pitching is killing your sales. Solution? Find Out!

Let me ask you…

What qualifies you to say that you’re an excellent salesperson?

What makes you think or wires your confidence that your pitching techniques are exquisite?

Because you can get a lot more sales done within a period of time than your contemporaries?

Or because you’ve never pitched to a potential client and fail to win him over.

Are these the basics of your self-rating on marketing or is there something more?

This post is particularly targeted at helping you have what is required {in terms of knowledge & application} and forego the obsolete method everyone now knows which is limping out of the “marketing light”

Allow me to lay you on the right path with the ideas that fill the bill, to show you why we’re long past the era of pitching, and struggling to upgrade your pitching skills and why those fail; presenting you the reasons why this would work! The idea is simple both in learning and in adapting, but it lies in decision to pick it up and let it slip through you.

As you know, as an entrepreneur, choice is the most important gambling pawn, push it the wrong way and you are dusted

Why It Once Worked {pitching}; Why It No longer Does.

There are several reasons why “pitching-marketing” does not work anymore; more reasons than there is why it even ever worked.

You know things are evolving, as a person, even more as a sales person, you will be left behind if you do not evolve with the world as it unfolds, people may yet love you but they will leave you if you don’t move forward and this way forward is what am letting out here.

Pitching-marketing worked when people mostly didn’t have a complete idea as to what they needed, they were believers in the ideas of the dealers, that when they lay out what they wanted in their minute knowledge, the right presentation would be made.

This worked for a while, when the society had strong sense of honesty and courtesy. When they felt that profits and buyers satisfaction had no comparison, the buyers’ satisfaction always came first and then, whatever you could make as profit falls behind. Today, that’s no longer the view and that’s one of the reasons why the technique has failed.

The buyers have had not one, but too many experiences when trust was burnt down for profit, the buy stuffs and find out later that it was completely off what was needed and they also find that the sellers knew even before selling but because they’d rather have their money by just ‘pitchy’ push the goods out to that person who knows little about it and cash-in on it, they felt fine doing it.

This is totally bad, in fact, bad is too good a word to use for their description.

Now, you might not have been one of those cutthroats but you certainly, as a salesperson, are affected by their acts and the response from buyers.

For most of the today’s buyers, say 87%, they know what it is they’re looking for, the exact thing! For instance, a young lad wanting to buy a phone would have probably browsed all the specifications on the kind of phone he wants, have the name of the manufacturer, the model of the phone, the one produced before that one and the one after; have all their estimated online prices and just wants to pick up the phone.

For such a person, what good is your pitching? What would you say to change his original resolve? Almost nothing. This is the situation that we have in the market today and that’s why pitching has become obsolete.

So, what works now?

Employ the new modern marketing

I’ve set aside three bands of sales marketing and this will give you the upshot that you’ve always, only dreamt about.

They aren’t rare, and that’s why even with your knowing them, the discipline required to effecting them; because it’s almost more important than you knowing it.

You have to be really ready to let go of what you’ve always known, of course, it must have begun to falter and that’s why you needed a new idea of which am here to get blown!

 The three bands are as follows:

  • Customer’s treatment to self,
  • Self-treatment to customers
  • Enjoying the bond thereafter.

Am now going to be treating this individually, let’s take the first,

Customer’s treatment to self;

There’s a reason I chose to bond the bands in this way and that reason is so you can comprehend multiple points in one, better that way I think. On this, firstly, you have to consider that your buyers/clients/ or prospects are humans just as you. You need to treat them firstly as such.

Your marketing or intended sales comes after this acknowledgment; and do not for one second think that the customers aren’t noticing the gestures, they are. Know that everyone want to have a splendid experience and it should be so for you both. People are naturally more anxious when unsure so do well to take the risk out of the equation as much as you can.

Make them comfortable in the knowing that you understand them perfectly and you’re willing to help them get through with the best. It should be a win-win for you both parties.

Also bear in mind that, the prospect isn’t just there for him/herself. Statistics proves that, On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

Also, It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. However, [bctt tweet=”News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.” username=”etukenbx”]

It could pan out very good for you or extremely bad; depending on your interface with the buyer.  Be sure to take this into cognizance, you could win more by winning one.

Lastly in this first band, remember that sowing comes before reaping and the good thing about sowing and reaping is that you can sow less and reap more if you had good seeds, nurtured it through the planting season up until the harvesting and BE THERE FOR THE HARVEST! Such is same for your buyers, you need to sow in good reputation, show care, guidance and all courtesy; when ripe, and you’ll reap more!

Self-treatment to customers;

The second band. This is more about how you make your clients to see you. Your prospects. What you do to draw them, attract them and keep yourself as the constant and first in mind when they want to buy. This is what you’ll consider to be near pitching but it actually is not. More civilized, tamed and presented.

Try to keep your name in front of your buyers and clients as regularly as you can, nothing reminds them more effectively.

In your mails, festivity messages and even in the events of their birthdays or a new month. I know, to many, it is a big task and am confirming it is but it’s necessary.

Like I do send, not selling any ideas or products, just

Example text

“We at obx’servers  emporium do greatly appreciate you for being with us and patronizing our services all the while that you have and on this occasion, we also wish to celebrate with you and wishing you a happy birthday. It’s truly been nice having you and I pray many more years for thee…

 John, for CEO obx’servers emporium, at the end”.These gesture cannot be overstated.

Don’t forget that the physical contact provides more trust for you on the side of your clients because of your countenance. Be free, be friendly, accommodating. Get them to know you well, like you and trust you. This is very essential.

Also buy into the idea of using birddogs; people sent out to get more customers for you for a referral pay. A great idea but you need to know how to get by it.

The most efficient way is by using your already gotten customers, sell the idea. They should write their names at the back of the card such that you are able to pay referrals to them on anyone that comes in with their names at the back of the card. This way, you expand your reputation, your marketing name and you swing in more people.

Enjoying The Bond Thereafter;

This comes as a benefit of the success of the earlier two mentioned. You can only get here if you consciously and effectively executed the ones before. This also helps in its own way in cementing friendship and trust.

You should allow your clients to sample your product or a demo of your services if you can provide it. Don’t make it look as if it’s all about the pay, let them feel that the need for them to be satisfied is your utmost priority.

By their comments, you will also be able to evaluate your product and services available, know which one to drop and which to enhance. Follow them closely because what you want is to know what exactly would satisfy them and then get them exactly THAT!

There’s no success without effort but only if the effort is directed rightly. Do well to direct yours!

We should know that sellers are also in categories as buyers. I will tell you about that in our subsequent post.

Is there other solutions you feel I should’ve added to this post but skipped? Please, share it with me in the comment area. I’ll credit you for that in my subsequent post to this regard.

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