The Instant Switch

The Instant Switch

Everything in life has led me to write this program for you. Every failure or mistake that I made gave me the opportunity to activate the instant switch so that I can rise above whatever hardships sideswiped me.

You are about to gain the power of the instant switch and take control of your life so you can create your dream life, moment by moment.

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About Etuken Idung

Etuken Idung is a Young Entrepreneur, Business doctor, SEO Specialist And Influencer.

C.E.O OBX'Server Emporium

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Etuken is a founder of OBXSERVER,

he's developed a distintive flair and proficiency in various online businesses such as Affiliate marketing, Importation/Dropshipping, Social media marketing, Blogging and amongst a host of many others.

Having been a web/graphics designer for well over a decade now, He's chosen to oblige more of his time to serving people who are strugling to start, grow and automate their online businesses.

Thus, Availing a plethora of information which are of vital importance via guest post in top blogs and also here at

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