What Works Now

My best Amazon affiliate conversion tweaks, tips and tricks that drastically increased my earnings.

What Works Now

You will learn:

The best place to put your links.
A certain kind of image that works amazingly well.
How to tweak links so they get clicked a lot more.
A simple tweak to really amp up sales from mobile traffic.
A certain color that really increases CTR.
and much, much more…

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About Etuken Idung

Etuken Idung is a Young Entrepreneur, Business doctor, SEO Specialist And Influencer.

C.E.O OBX'Server Emporium

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Etuken is a founder of OBXSERVER,

he's developed a distintive flair and proficiency in various online businesses such as Affiliate marketing, Importation/Dropshipping, Social media marketing, Blogging and amongst a host of many others.

Having been a web/graphics designer for well over a decade now, He's chosen to oblige more of his time to serving people who are strugling to start, grow and automate their online businesses.

Thus, Availing a plethora of information which are of vital importance via guest post in top blogs and also here at obxserver.com

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