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Hi Mate, Thank you for checking-In with ‘OBX’Server’

Firstly, I’d like to reference the term name OBX server, which am sure to many would seem “bulgy”.  OBX’Server is an acronym for ‘Online Business Xanadu Server.’ Indeed! We are.

Am very sure, many people would have a lot of questions to throw at me, maybe about my business skills/knowledge or perhaps, my technical-know-how.

This is not uncommon especially for entrepreneurs at my age and standing. But am assuring you that there’s a real honest-to-goodness benefit in connecting to OBXSERVER.

As we know, no one is really “everything” when it comes to knowing a particular thing but you’ll agree with me that knowing enough to move you further at a very fast pace is really encouraging. And that’s what we’ll achieve together.

I’ve always had a knack for business since I was too young to even remember. I will see opportunities of business where my mates would simply be listening to the stories told.

I loved entertaining those thoughts and I always knew that this is where I would flourish, but the true delight would be in carrying you along.

When talking about school, I’d listen to what many people would have to say about their time in school and it’s no wonder why I don’t also have such things to say.

I wasn’t the type that availed myself for the “schooling-process”—not that I was a dullard or something, I just didn’t have the motivation to take academic learning as seriously as many would, it’s like I understood the difference between education and learning, SOMETHING I CERTAINLY NOW DO. But if I were certain of anything, it was that my school certificate can’t and would never fetch me the income I was yearning to have. Unless I’m to venture into politics (which I have no talents nor gifts for such biddings).

And besides, I couldn’t seem to adapt to the boring and tedious courses which were often taught without practical. The educational system and state of my growing years were rather “punctured” if it’s to be compared to what we now have.

Maybe that’s owing to where I was born and bred, or no, it was almost the same everywhere. We were taught because it was the teachers’ job to teach which would earn her money and not because anyone cared about you knowing.

My greatest deterrent was the kind of lives my lecturers/teachers led, mostly unfulfilled and trying to make the jump at every stage; it wasn’t the kind I planned to lead and I was always of the idea that, if I learnt as they taught, I’d probably end up as they did. Couldn’t swallow that.

Almost all of them were owed by the government, non-less than 3 months’ salary. Therefore they’ll consequently transfer their aggression to us, the students.

They did this by cunningly extorting money from us. You dare not come betwixt a money-yearning lecturer and his means of getting it. We all knew the perils of coming short of their demands, it’s always dire, and you’ll surely fail!

To be candid, I don’t know about institutions in other countries. Neither can I attest for other great institutions here in Nigeria. But the college I attended was loaded with genuine-crap! Nothing looked as it seemed.

 I tried and did all I could to maintain the pressure up until the end. Finally I got my “papers”. You know, for some people, that’s a great founding achievement, on which many others will be built. For me, it wasn’t satisfactory at any level of consideration.

With all the advices and recommendation that people would give, my parent I’m particular; I was forced to practice my profession and go for industrial attachment in one of the nation’s premier ports, NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY.

The 2 years I spent there felt like ten! Each day was like a month… you know why? I wasn’t doing what I loved, it was folly. My only considerable addition was I met a “like-mind”.

Someone who was a stand-out, who really wasn’t for that kind of life or had passion for that either. To make it all more blissful, we had similar ideas to where we were going. This was a major deciding point for me and I decided that I was going to quit afterwards and start-up fully with what I know I could do best.

What am trying to advise you here is, for some, like me, “academic-schooling” isn’t really our thing but do not allow that to interfere with your learning.

Seize that! Go to school if you must, not because you must. And always remember to prioritize on what will make you and not what will satisfy others; we often fail here, like I did.

With all of that pushed behind, I started stirring my previously stored knowledge and online-desires. In my new found habit, it was almost intoxicating as I found high excitements in what I was doing. In less than four years, I learnt a bunch of things during the time; graphics/web design, SEO, management and analysis amongst the host of many others but my first real online business was drop-shipping and importation. Something I’ve gone on to become a mogul in and even teach it to those that the niche interests. If you desire to learn about this or any other niche of online business like, online marketing, blogging or even social media marketing amongst the vast varieties.

As most businesses, there are always glorious days and then… raining days. So it was with the drop-shipping.

I had plundered lowly because I ignored some basic automation processes for the business growth. It was somewhat boring and tedious thing to do but ultimately, it was necessary as it’s the nitty-gritty of every business; and I learnt the hard way.

Having experience so much failures, I took off almost 2 years to relearn the whole process; this time, prioritizing on business automating tools. 

After many trial and error sessions and attempts in different spheres of business, I‘ve accumulated what I feel can steer many to their desired dreams— online. And am willing to teach, to share so we may all achieve the success we seek.

All we ask of you is to believe in us and partner with us. The “US” here referred is the team that we’ve assembled to serve you. Like-minds who, like me, in their different ways have learnt what could be contributed to the growth of your online presence.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways for you to keep marks on us is subscribing to our weekly mails which gives you insights above all else.

Start something today that you’ll be proud to tell of tomorrow; no fears and no worries, isn’t that why we’re here? Being great is a choice, choose that!